The Restaurant


A secluded, light-filled space situated in the heart of the oldest quarter of Alghero, within the ancient city walls and facing out to sea, with two dining rooms and a terrace overlooking the port – the Nautilus Restaurant welcomes you on a journey that's all about love for the local area combined with passion for cooking and for traditional flavours. Memories of the past and modernity fuse to create a new idea of taste. The dishes of the Algherese tradition take centre-stage, as part of a culinary experience that uses light, healthy ingredients to make diners feel very much at home as they savour the catch of the day and the very best in Sardinian seafood.

The Catch of the day


If it’s not just out of the sea, it doesn’t make it onto the menu. The exclusive use of just-caught fish, cooked in typical Algherese fashion, makes the Nautilus Restaurant a must-visit for all lovers of fish. It is a firm favourite with the locals, who enthuse over the quality of its dishes; indeed, it has rightly garnered a reputation as one of the leading seafood restaurants in north-western Sardinia. Authenticity, refinement and sophistication are the watchwords for an immersive experience that will allow you to discover the intensity of the typical flavours of the island.

The Kitchen


The kitchen is staffed by a team of young professionals whose work is underpinned by dedication, originality and passion, which are the true strengths of the Nautilus Restaurant and the source of its added value. The team is committed to reaching ever-higher heights through ongoing research. Every single ingredient used in the kitchen is treated with the greatest respect, leaving its taste practically unaltered with a view to capturing its original essence. Leveraging their wealth of experience, over the years the team members have succeeded in fusing passion, feeling, devotion and love. The philosophy of our Chef is to work with products that have an almost non-existent carbon footprint, albeit with occasional use of exceptional ingredients from the wider region.



When you stroll around Alghero, through its ancient city walls and along its quaint cobbled streets, you can feel the particular fascination that only coastal towns can offer. With the sea a constant feature of the landscape and always within easy reach, Alghero also has a tourist harbour where, alongside the large yachts, you will be dazzled by the bright colours of the local fishing boats. As you soak up the history, there are myriad places where you can relax and re-charge your proverbial batteries. This "Catalan" village by the sea, with its plethora of shades and panoramas, blessed with sunshine and mild temperatures throughout the year, is alive with stories and legends of ancient civilisations, expressed in the time-worn Catalan-influenced dialect. Here, you can experience the fascination of sailing, the adventure of the most extreme sports, hiking, trekking and cycling trips, as well as the traditions of ancient flavours revisited for the contemporary palate. And then there is the sea – the soul of the city.

Alghero welcomes you to the north-east of the time-honoured land of Sardinia.

Text taken from: http://www.algheroturismo.eu

Ristorante Nautilus Alghero

Forte della Maddalenetta, 4/A
07041 Alghero SS
Sardegna, It

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    Ristorante Nautilus


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    Via maddalenetta 4
    Alghero, Sardegna, IT

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